bluebonnet trail

It’s springtime in Texas, the bluebonnets are coming up, and it’s time for some big miles, y’all.

Ditch church for the next two Sundays and praise nature with us on the Oak Cliff Bicycle Co. spandex spring rides through the bluebonnet trails. This will be about a 65-mile ride from Oak Cliff to down around Palmer. Everyone is welcome! This is a no-drop ride, so if you have been training some and want a challenge, come on on then! Our route will touch some of the same sections as the Lancaster Country Ride, which is Saturday, April 11.


8 a.m. Sunday, March 29 and April 5

Oak Cliff Bicycle Co., 408 N. Bishop

Bring water, money and tubes (our mechanics will be along on the ride in case you have a flat)


Come bite off a portion or all of this 90% gravel expedition that traverses from Texarkana, AR to Tucumcari, NM., presented by our homies at Spinistry. The Mini RAT is a three day option that ends at Johnson Branch State Park where OCBC will have a support tent set up for all riders. Even Mini RAT participants will get the chance to ride the NETT (North East Texas Trail/Chaparral Trail), a beautiful and developing rails-to-trails project. Check out the Spinistry site for all the details.

I personally love touring for many reasons: the vast open road, time to think, ever changing scenery, camping, challenge, and on an on. I have found that the gravel roads lend themselves to be less traveled and offer nicer views that most people do not get to see. If you have ever thought of doing a long tour or something crazy like Tour Divide then this is a great option for you to see what it’s all about — education! Extra nice that there will be many people out there in case you do have mechanicals or just plain get too tired or burn out.

Oh and if you do enjoy it, maybe you will be lucky enough to win a Salsa Fargo! Any participant could win this beautiful burly bike in the raffle. Register here.

Nov. 1, 2014




Looks like autumn is right around the corner which means it is time for another beautiful fall foliage ride. I’m going to pre-ride the course below  this weekend to make sure there are plenty of chances to see some color. This year we are trying to make it a bit longer to get some folks ready for Spinistry’s Ride Across Texas Nov. 1st-9th where one lucky participant will win a Salsa Fargo Complete, check out the link for more details. Our ride will be our regular time of 8:00 Expect to keep a pace of 16-18 mph with options to head back at mile 23-25.

87 Mile Course Proposed route, I’ll update if it’s too choppy.

63 Mile Course This is from our actual route last year so at mile 59 we u turned so the file may look funny for a second if you are following this on a GPS device.

I can make a 45 mile map/option if folks are interested as well.

Pink Ladies

Coming soon to a cyclist near you! We wanted to make a kit strong enough for a man but pH balanced for the awesome women out there. These beauties have some of our favorite local WOMEN owned businesses all nascar-ed up on them so you’ll look like a sponsored rider(ok, well maybe just a supporter of local business). We love them and hope you will too. We are going to order a few this Friday so let us know if you want us to grab you one Rizzo.               Sizing

* This is not finalized, actual kit will have slightly smaller polka dots and a slightly smaller Oil and Cotton logo.


We’re coming to the end of another wonderful year, and as we do every year we are gonna start the next one of right too, with good friends, exercise, beautiful journeys, and BIKES! We will take you on a 63ish mile route with some great country roads and lots of picturesque scenery away from the city and traffic. If you haven’t come out with us before we’d love to see you this year. Here is the route.

01|01|2014 9:30 a.m.

Meet at the shop we’ll have some coffee and snacks if you woke up too late to grab your own.

Yeah, we’ll be opened on Francis Black Friday. While you’re out, these are some places we like to go to. I know I’m leaving a ton of places out. You know what’s around you, and if you don’t maybe you should give look around.

Wackyms Kitchen Who doesn’t like cookies? Salted Caramel, Margarita those are my faves. Pretty please Santa.

Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters Duh, coffee. I can tell you right now they fit in my stocking. (Hint hint)

F is for Frank Jewelry, hardware, custom… uh anything, check ‘em out.

Dolly Python  Since Jean Paul Gaultier shops there, I think you can find some wonderfulness too.

we are 1976  If you haven’t been, it’ll be your favorite new store.

Re-Geared Amazing artistic gifts made out of bicycle parts donated by us and some of your other favorite bicycle shops.

Oil and Cotton These lovely ladies can teach you how to make anything your imagination can dream of. I made a unitard for the shop cat.

Salvage House Boutique Beautiful vintage inspired dresses, and vintage furniture. You can also let this beautiful young lady restore, redesign or tailor your favorite threads. She put some awesome and stylish reflective details on a friends jacket so he is safer but doesn’t look like a road worker.

Sweet 200 The best hairdos to fix your hair don’ts and manicures for the cuticle blues in town. Grab your S.O. some product or a gift certificate cuz you know everyone wants to look like a million bucks for new years.

If we don’t have what you’re looking for try some of our friends KGS  Trinity  Transit  Bicycles Plus or Switching Gears.

Win a Salsa Vaya or El Mariachi frame.

Win this frame minus the watermark.

While it’s only a few weekends before we get our BOO-BIKE-Q on, you can get in the spirit of things early by snapping up a few raffle tickets to win your choice from a selection of Salsa Vaya or El Mariachi framesets. Tickets are available at the shop, or the evening of the little shindig at Boulder Park on November 2. $5 per ticket, with the proceeds going to Promise House here in Oak Cliff. You don’t have to be present to win, but you can trust us when we say that you don’t wanna miss this party.

-5(click to zoom)

We finally got these sexy suits on our backs!  Your rides just got a bit safer and exponentially more kick ass thanks to the feel, reflectivity, and stellar design of these get-ups so get down on yer bikes. We of course sold out of these instantly and need to place a new order. Now, if you think you can handle the silly folks hatin’ and not understanding the world surrounding them or the flattery you be getting from the folks who do, then send us an email explaining how you are ’nuff legit to wear this kit and we will put you on a pre-order list after your initiation. We don’t like getting burned so we WILL NOT save you a kit if you don’t pre-pay, don’t trip! It’s not about a salary it’s all about reality.

We will post a link to pre-order in the coming weeks.

Thank you all who helped make it so perfect…

Amanda Pounds, “Commander” : Graphic Designer (not only did the layout of the kit, also did our logos and Oddfellows logos)

Marc Montoya : Photographer BillySurface

Robert Snedden : Hincapie Rep.

Dallas/Kristina : Gangster Modeling (last names left out for their protection)



Long Rida

Sunday the 26th 8:00 a.m.

As you may know we like to do 60-80 miles on the Sunday Spandex Ride for Holiday weekends so if you need a pretty route and some friends to ride with OCBC is here for you again! I’d like to shoot for 80 with a great Waxahachie  loop but we can shorten the ride to 70 and hit the lovely Sugar Ridge loop. We can vote morning of, routes below.

Sugar Ridge 70

Waxahachie 80


Are you as Fred as me, or even more so? Well, we just got in a couple B&M Luxos U Dynamo lights from Peter White Cycles’ first shipment of this brilliant (the pun stays) new product! Not only is it a wonderfully wide spread of light, the U has a handle bar mount button to control functions and is also a USB port to charge devices – the greatest light EVER!!! So handy for long remote tours. My personal preference is to take an external battery that charges off the USB port and use it when your Garmin, iPod, rear light, phone, etc needs more juice. It’ll give your device a steady load rather than fluctuating with your speed. These sold out immediately, but we have one left at the moment. Peter says the next shipment is expected in a few weeks, so holler if you want us to save you one from our next batch of pre-orders. Also, we have a few other B&M dynamo lights on hand, and with the declining cost of hubs reaching as low as $47, it’s a great reason to rethink your illumination options.

In case you forgot, or maybe had no clue, we are Peter White Cycles dealers. We also partner with other Fredtastic suppliers like Compass Bicycles. What does it all mean? You can custom order a full on double rainbow selection of amazing books, great tyres, Rene Hearse parts, or even a SKF bottom bracket—because lord knows it’s time you finally got that! Sick!


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