We not only consider Ray Porter a winner for winning last weekend’s race at Sansom, and the Rocky Hill 24 hr race a few weeks before that, and hell the majority of races that last longer than a NASCAR event. We really think Ray is a winner because he has probably delivered more bikes than anyone to the Spokes for Folks drive. In fact, we hear the number is upwards of 100 bikes to the charity. Here he is picking up a few bikes that we donated - but let’s be honest, we aren’t all nice like Ray. I just want to get off the naughty list so Santa remembers to bring me this…

Hanpresso, bike pump espresso maker. Hint Hint….

In all seriousness, if you have a bike to donate feel free to drop it off at the shop and we will be making a delivery to Hans Johnson Co. 8901 Chancelor Row, Dallas TX this Thursday and there will be room for your bike too. More importantly, they need help to work on these bikes so if you’ve got time to donate contact them here.

Thank you Pam Jackson, all the rest of you dirty DORBA members, the rest of our local bike shops, AND YOU.!.for contributing.

Look at this guy, we love you Ray!