cyclesomatics-tyler-street-block-party.3975085.36-1The block party is over — along with Cyclesomatic. I hope you silly cyclists had as much fun as we did! Bike Denton had a strong showing, thank you, along with the Texas Toast crew. Thanks to Dylan with Lonestar Goldsprints — next time make sure I win, though. We couldn’t ask for better neighbors than Cube Creative (love the shirts), Tara to the T, House of Dang, Sq. Ft., Mighty Fine Arts, Anita and our newest neighbors: Cliff Notes; who all share our vision. Thanks for participating and making it happen.

The Observer came out to do a piece on our little party and took some photos — it even looks like Danny might have had a good time.

If you want to see your results for the goldsprints so you can tell your friends how badly you beat me, follow the link above or check ’em out on the facebook that all the young’n’s are into.

And thank you to everyone who helped make all of the Cyclesomatic events so successful.

Special thanks to Hollis “Crip” Wakefield, Matt Spillers and Stacey Rives at Eno’s Tavern,  Kenny and Nikki Cotten, David Spence, Joel Smith, Doom. Maybe even Jason and Andrea Roberts deserve some credit. If we didn’t thank you here, it’s because my brain is still too fried.

Keep it Wheel!