(Repost from my blog)

Saw these “Kroozbox” bike baskets in Marfa last weekend and caught an immediate case of the smittens. Love struck, my friends demanded I get on my bike and chase down the two guys on vintage bikes to get the scoop. Turns out the two are the Austin-based designers of the not-yet-released “Kroozbox.” Only 100 are initially being constructed and each is made of wood, brushed aluminum, and weighs only one pound! And they retail for only like $100! The knife to the heart? I LOST THEIR CONTACT INFO and can’t presale one for myself or pester Jeremy and Ean into carrying a few of them at everyone’s favorite bike shop in Oak Cliff! If anyone knows how to locate these guys, please let me know. I’ve Googled and Googled and can’t find them. Frowning.

UPDATE!!! Word got out to the designers and they got in touch (see comments). Yes! I’ll have mine in about a month or so!