These are some places we like to go to, I know I’m leaving a ton of places out. You know what’s around you, and if you don’t maybe you should give them a look.

Wackyms Kitchen

Who doesn’t like cookies? Salted Caramel, Margarita those are my faves.

Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters

If you like coffee, when isn’t it a good gift? I’ll take two please.

Studio Four Eleven

See what the House of Dang boys and Tara Tonini are up to next here. Get your lady friends some stylish thangs or get yourself a custom-made reversible cycling cap like I did.

Cliff Notes Prolonged Media

It’s a small local book store that loves books, just like you. They even have Dirt Rag and Bicycle Times on hand! Also, just like us, if they don’t have it in they can get it.

F is for Frank

Jewelry, hardware, custom… uh anything, check ’em out.

Dolly Python

Do I really need to say anything, hell you’re going anyway.

You’re getting the idea

we are 1976


how about even a little love for local bike shops that have more or less attitude than us, like KGS Liberty or Transit