Nothing like “breaking” in your new frame-up build. That’s right, I wrecked! Not one, but two beautiful bikes of mine. At least they weren’t outfitted with vintage Campagnolo components or anything. Oh wait, yes they were.

Oh I wish I could have seen it happen, as an onlooker. Fumbling, stumbling, tumbling—one bike went up the curb, wheelies riderless into a driveway while I did the splits, in a futile effort to save one bike and ended up rolling off. I watched, in slow motion, as my not-even-finished-bike rolls down the street and nosedives into the unforgiving pavement. I got up, ran to my fallen steed, caressed its wounds, and gave it a swig off the flask to ease the pain. I waited a moment, fought back the tears, and gingerly switched bikes to ride to my destination—listening to the painful moan of the now squealing brakes the whole way.

At least I got the first scratches out of the way. Had the new bar wrap been installed I don’t think I could have held back those tears.

Lesson: Do not ride a nice bike and try to carry another precious bike.