In the world of cycling style, it’s cool to come across a company that equally respects graphic design and the primary function of its product. Twin Six founders and avid cyclists, Ryan Carlson and Brent Gale have 20+ years as designers and saw an opportunity to make us riders look a lot less ridiculous in our technical gear.

The Twin Six “Wear-To-Go Manifesto” states, “The gear we pull on is a statement of our style, identity and self. The industry’s slow uphill grind to better graphics has turned riders into unwilling billboards, moving color explosions and unfortunate cartoon characterizations.” The jerseys are between a Euro style road cut and an American style trail cut—making them appealing to lots of riders, regardless of tire size.

O.C.B.C. is THIS CLOSE to placing a special order of Twin Six stuff. They have everything from shorts and shirts to jerseys and tons of accessories. Take a look and let us know if you see something you wanna wanna. Call the shop to get in on this: 214.941.0010. TWIN SIX!

I’m gonna get me this: