I know it’s a little late but, thank you all for coming out and managing the heat! Even the curmudgeon that I am, I was happy to see you all. Let’s never speak of some of the things that may or may not have happened that night—at least for the sake of about ten people anyway.

Thanks Dylan Holt with Lonestar Goldsprints for graciously hosting the Goldsprints at no charge & SQ. FT. Realty for letting it take place at their property (which is for rent to any hippie or business).

Thank you to our Oak Cliff neighbor Lisa Martel from Couture Catering who provided the deliciousness, mmm… now I’m hungry. Contact her at lisa_martel@sbcglobal.net for your party needs.

Kenny and Nikki Cotten, thanks for always being there, bratty kids and all.

Thank you Ma Parsons for the not-chocolate-cake.

Congrats to Dina Light McNeely for winning the Swobo Sanchez in our bike raffle.


Tall & hansome Ean, sweet sweet Holly, and Jeremy.