Popping wheelies is totally rad. But when it comes to choosing a bike for getting around town, tricks are for kids. With that in mind, consider Linus. We recently restocked the shop with several models: the Mixte and Roadster Classic.

Inspired by the elegant but basic designs of French city bikes of the ’50s and ’60s, Linus achieves the aesthetic of a modern vintage cycle: straight, clean lines, monochromatic colors and no excessive logos. It’s the perfect mix of a cruiser and commuter.

Probably the best thing about Linus, besides its good looks, is the extremely wallet-friendly price. An entry-level is only $409. It’d be hard to find a functioning secondhand bike on Craigslist for much less.

Mixte. Three speed, $589. Current colors: Black or Cream.

Roadster Classic. Single speed, $409. Three speed, $579. Current colors: Black or Cream. We do have a *barely used* three speed in blue, too.

The shop will be adding new styles in late spring/early summer. Holla if you wanna pre-order a style/color before they go out of stock—this does happen. These are pretty fresh:

Gaston 1

Dutchi 8