Get on your bikes and ride on down to White Rock Lake to check out the Texas State VEGGIE Fair October 23rd 11-6.

Of course we want to push our agendas on you but let’s face it, vegetables are good for you! Especially since you’ve been plowing that other state fair food down your mouth-hole all month. If you just can’t get enough, there will be a fried food contest along with the non artery clogging food. As we all know, you could deep fry a shoe for the most part and it’ll still be delicious so let’s assume these hippies cant foul this up. If WRL is too far for you, maybe you could make it to their screening of Vegucated at the Texas Theater October 22 1 P.M.

We donated a really nifty prize so try your luck at the raffle! Who doesn’t like camping!?!

The Outdoor Research Highland Bivy. Small enough to fit on your bike.