We did a metric century with the Lonestar Randonneur  group 3 years ago and had a good time. It was great starting the year off with friends and a good ride rather than laying in bed hungover, drinking kombucha and eating Fritos.

That ride inspired us to make our own tradition of doing a century ride from the shop. Please join us at 9:30 A.M. and we’ll have a hot cup of coffee and snacks for you. There will be a mix of fast and slow riders so you can go at a pace that suits your riding style. This is the last year we’ll be on earth so if you haven’t done a 100 mile ride yet, IT COULD BE YOUR LAST CHANCE!

There is an option in the ride that allows for a metric century (maybe a hair under) for anyone that may not have a hundred miles in them but still have a hangover to cure. I personally will be taking the shorther route.  Also, if a little hair of the dog is your remedy then you can rest assured that I will be holding a flask! See ya there.

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