Come bite off a portion or all of this 90% gravel expedition that traverses from Texarkana, AR to Tucumcari, NM., presented by our homies at Spinistry. The Mini RAT is a three day option that ends at Johnson Branch State Park where OCBC will have a support tent set up for all riders. Even Mini RAT participants will get the chance to ride the NETT (North East Texas Trail/Chaparral Trail), a beautiful and developing rails-to-trails project. Check out the Spinistry site for all the details.

I personally love touring for many reasons: the vast open road, time to think, ever changing scenery, camping, challenge, and on an on. I have found that the gravel roads lend themselves to be less traveled and offer nicer views that most people do not get to see. If you have ever thought of doing a long tour or something crazy like Tour Divide then this is a great option for you to see what it’s all about — education! Extra nice that there will be many people out there in case you do have mechanicals or just plain get too tired or burn out.

Oh and if you do enjoy it, maybe you will be lucky enough to win a Salsa Fargo! Any participant could win this beautiful burly bike in the raffle. Register here.

Nov. 1, 2014