Well the fall leaves are about to call us out to join them and the folks from Oak Cliff Spandex riders are going to give you a few options to put that beauty in your life with friends and nature, what more could you want! There is a stop about 27 miles in where the routes split. That’s a good time to get a bite and decide if you may want to head back on the 40 mile route or continue on on the 63 miler. For anyone wanting the most treerrific(ha) expereince there is an 87 mile option as well.

8:00 AM at OCBC

40 mile/65k route

63 mile/100k route

87 mile/140k route

(I believe you may have to follow Jeremy Ordaz on Strava if you would like to see and upload the routes. Also, the 63 and 87 start just a hair different if you do use your Garmin so don’t worry about it saying “off course” as we will all be together anyway, you could always leave the route off until the first stop to avoid any confusion)