Well folks, we have done this every year with the Oak CLiff Spandex crew since we opened in 2009 so guess what – we ARE doing it this year too! This year we will skirt on to the Trinity Forest Trail for a bit and then the rest of the ride is going to take us through as much SUNSHINE as we can find. I know, I know, everything is working against you getting out of your comfy new holiday pjs early on a cold new years day, but don’t you want to start the year off with energy and great folks having fun? We sure do! I’m old as hell and the curmudgeon in me thinks NYE is amateur night anyway so I’ll be sure to not have too much eggnog at my themed costume party and will see you January 1st bright and early.

OCBC | 01/01/2016 | 8:30 roll out


You’ll see in the route that it is easy to shortcut at Dowdy Ferry, Wintergreen, Pleasant Run, Beltline, or even cut out only 5 miles at Ovilla road in Ferris where we will stop for a water refill etc. Essentially there could be distances from 30, 40, 50, 57 and 63 miles that way. We can probably get someone to lead the 40 mile route if that would help anyone get out of bed, just let us know.