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Looks like autumn is right around the corner which means it is time for another beautiful fall foliage ride. Jon’s going to pre-ride the course below  this weekend to make sure there are plenty of chances to see some color. This year they are trying to make it a bit longer to get some folks ready for Spinistry’s Ride Across Texas Nov. 1st-9th where one lucky participant will win a Salsa Fargo Complete, check out the link for more details. Their ride will be the regular time of 8:00

87 Mile Course Proposed route.

63 Mile Course This is from their actual route last year so at mile 59 someone u turned so the file may look funny for a second if you are following this on a GPS device.

They can make a 45 mile map/option if folks are interested as well.

Win a Salsa Vaya or El Mariachi frame.

Win this frame minus the watermark.

While it’s only a few weekends before we get our BOO-BIKE-Q on, you can get in the spirit of things early by snapping up a few raffle tickets to win your choice from a selection of Salsa Vaya or El Mariachi framesets. Tickets are available at the shop, or the evening of the little shindig at Boulder Park on November 2. $5 per ticket, with the proceeds going to Promise House here in Oak Cliff. You don’t have to be present to win, but you can trust us when we say that you don’t wanna miss this party.

Long Rida

Sunday the 26th 8:00 a.m.

As you may know they like to do 60-80 miles on the Sunday Spandex Ride for Holiday weekends so if you need a pretty route and some friends to ride with Sunday Spandex is here for you again! Vote morning of, routes below.

Sugar Ridge 70

Waxahachie 80

Come join BFOC and friends for a fun ride on a day that’s forecasted to be beautiful. Sorry to have just now posted this, but we were a little hesitant that some people would be offended or feel left out. Let me assure you that OCBC does not celebrate Christmas. Heck, we don’t even believe Santa is real but we respect all who do. I know that two of my jewish friends are not attending this ride and I would like to thank them for not making a big stink about the flier, and Gut Yontiff!

So Merry KwanzaaHanukkahNavidad to all you cyclists—including you wacky (no offense) Pagans and Vegans for that matter. Maybe I should just say Happy Holidays. Now get on your bikes and RIDE!

Alleycat Poster By Amanda Pounds!


Get to O.C.B.C at 1 p.m., get your manifest, scope the checkpoints, start plotting on how you’ll come in first for the cash prize, then hit the road. Here are the basics of an Alleycat race if you have no idea what I’m talking about.


Need a ride that you didn’t braze together with map gas and no flux?  Try this for some gofast (nice reflectors). 



Months of preparation come to a culmination this Friday night with the grand kickoff of Cyclesomatic. Join us for a ride and a movie on Friday. Can’t make it? No worries. Cyclesomatic is a 10-day celebration throughout Oak Cliff with bicycling events for all ages.

Click for a complete list of events. So so so many great happenings. Get on your bike and come ride, chill out, and play with us.