Are you as Fred as me, or even more so? Well, we just got in a couple B&M Luxos U Dynamo lights from Peter White Cycles’ first shipment of this brilliant (the pun stays) new product! Not only is it a wonderfully wide spread of light, the U has a handle bar mount button to control functions and is also a USB port to charge devices – the greatest light EVER!!! So handy for long remote tours. My personal preference is to take an external battery that charges off the USB port and use it when your Garmin, iPod, rear light, phone, etc needs more juice. It’ll give your device a steady load rather than fluctuating with your speed. These sold out immediately, but we have one left at the moment. Peter says the next shipment is expected in a few weeks, so holler if you want us to save you one from our next batch of pre-orders. Also, we have a few other B&M dynamo lights on hand, and with the declining cost of hubs reaching as low as $47, it’s a great reason to rethink your illumination options.

In case you forgot, or maybe had no clue, we are Peter White Cycles dealers. We also partner with other Fredtastic suppliers like Compass Bicycles. What does it all mean? You can custom order a full on double rainbow selection of amazing books, great tyres, Rene Hearse parts, or even a SKF bottom bracket—because lord knows it’s time you finally got that! Sick!

Hulla_kids_crit_crowd_smAright kids, I know you’re all HUGE American football contest fanatics, but for those of you who would rather ride your bikes and enjoy some art and good memories then we have something just for you! Or maybe you missed the Sunday Peoples opening, it’ll be a great chance to take a peak at great work as well as the silliness that will ensue from our little bike race event thingy. Don’t want to give away too many details yet, but this should be a interesting race for spectators as well as the riders. We will be tailgating so bring your drink hats and bras or veggie dogs etc. for the grill.

Meet at The Public Trust February 3rd 5:00 to register

$3 and your own bike to race (everyone will get a gift)


-1The Foundry Auger may just be the perfect bike for all the gravel/monstercross events coming up. This bike was built to be ridden hard and put away wet. Beautiful Hayes CX5s(which just so happen to perfectly match the  SRAM Force grouppo) make this machine stop great in all conditions. The Velocity A23 rims are ready to go tubeless when you are as well.

We pre-rode the MonsterCross Mayhem and when the bike heard about this it’s been begging me to let it go next time ever since. Maybe you should take it for me! Then there is the SuperMan, Texas Chainring Masacre and the Oklahoma events coming up as well. Ride yer bike!



Boulder race course is slated for 8.5 miles of the Greatest Trail in the MetroPlex! Register here now.

Shimano will be bringing their van loaded with some of the latest components for you to play with from 12:00 to 4:00
Parker Chiropractic College and Clinic will be there the entire race from 7:00a.m. to 4:20p.m. providing professional taping and  to consult any stretching or pain with top notch kinetic taping and sports medicine.
Nicole Cronkhite will be onsite hosting yoga stretches and breathing techniques to help keep with our 2013 DORBA race model = RACE WITH LOVE!!
Cash Payouts will increase, DORBA paid out just under $2000 at the last race. Classes that have never been paid made out wonderfully; single speed, women (our favorite), even teams!
Top 3 in all classes will receive custom awards from ReGeared Studios!

Trail location.

Dorba Info.

Rapha Festive 500

We love not only the classic beauty and functionality of their well made apparel, but are even more into Rapha offering us all an incentive to keep riding through the Christmas holiday week with the Rapha Festive 500 challenge. The idea is to rack up 500k worth of cycling and possibly win some fine items and at the very least just win some bragging rights. You can track your progress on sites like Strava, MyGarmin, and the like. We would like to help any of you who want to participate by doing a Christmas Eve and Christmas Day ride. I know most of us have family and friend obligations, but anyone who has the time and wants a riding mates is welcome to join us.

12|24|12  8:00 A.M. OCBC – 8:45 A.M. Spillway at WRL ~60-80 miles (Mesquite and Sunnyvale area)

Proposed route 

12|25|12 11:30 A.M. OCBC – 12:20 P.M. Spillway ~50 mile easier ride

Let’s enjoy this beautiful weather together on a mountain bike ride before it goes away. You know the routine, potluck style. We will bring a grill or two, some ice chests with drinky drinks and a couple bikes.Image

4:00 at Boulder Park

Be a WINNER and support a great cause as we raffle off this kool 19″ Kona Unit along with a few other tasty treats including this limited print by the lovely and talented Amanda Pounds and a wire sculpture from our very own Maxwell Rasor on the night of our BooBikeQue 10|31|12.

$10 a ticket

Proceeds will go to Promise House Dallas

You do not have to be present to win the bike. Other prizes, you will have to be present to win.

We have a pretty big election coming up but we don’t have to leave our future in the hands of just elected officials. It’s so true that children are our future so let’s help pave the road in the right direction by helping here in our neighborhood with our youth. Promise House does great things and if you can’t donate money or buy a raffle ticket you can donate time which is priceless. Make change!

6:00 -10:31 Boulder Park

We are going to do a bit of riding, but you don’t need to ride to come have some fun with us. We’ll be bringing the grills and ice chests out some just bring yours smiles, friends, costumes, tricks, or treats if you like. You can guess we’re going to do a costume contest so get your big ole brains working on something great!

Pre ride viewing of costumes from the guys and ghouls. Then we will brave a haunted forrest ride at dusk so hang on to your garlic cloves for they may save your lives, and we might need them for dinner. Don’t forget the silver bullets either, they’ll help wash down the food.

Next week we will have two of our barbaric bike racers going to tackle the Trans North Georgia Adventure, a self supported race across the Smokey Mountains. Why they choose to drink water purified only by bleach that they are taking, no one knows!?! Either way we wish them well. Follow their progress here at the Riding with GNR site where they may also post pictures of them cuddling with wildlife and the occasional local (hey, it’s gonna be chilly out there).

Germs will be riding on a super spectacular Salsa Spearfish and Ray will be on some cruddy Crack’nFail Flash.



If you couldn’t get off work this weekend like me and want a local ride that is as beautiful as kittens cuddling, come out with us on the Sunday Spandex ride and we’ll do the Sugar Ridge loop. Memorial Sunday 8:00 at OCBC.