SUNDAY SPANDEX RIDE: Meet weekly at O.C.B.C. in Bishop Arts at 7:50A.M. A nice ride to get the weekend out of your system. Around 30 to 50 miles. As far or as fast as the slowest rider.

Every Tuesday: Tits Tuesday gotta join the group to get the routes and times.

Interested in racing? Here are some great sites below with tons of options!

Dallas Off Road Bicycling Association (DORBA) Trails.

Wheelbrothers keeps a good list of Texas rides and races

TXBRA list of road races for the current season

Mountain Races TMBRA

Spinistry, our gravel and long ride mavens

Weekly dirt on some sweet singletrack Wednesday nights at Boulder Park.


Some of our favorite routes in Oak Cliff and beyond:

Trinity levee gravel + pavement to Lemmon Lake

OCBC Gangsta Rando (AKA Farris-Brest-Farris)

A common route for the Sunday Spandex ride

The most popular cycling route in Dallas is around White Rock Lake